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Benson Building Designs is a Townsville based building 
design and drafting service operating in the North 
Queensland region from Mackay to Cairns. 
Our plans are fully engineered of high quality and obtain building approval with ease. 
We have 15yrs experience, and provide competitive quotes and advice with cost effective building solutions. 
All Your Living Needs Are Our Priority.

We provide builders with new home designs for client issue of contract drawings and approval. Building a home using good design principles can save energy, water and money, while creating a more enjoyable and comfortable home. All our new home designs are energy efficient, and have passive design principles implemented in there design. 
Passive design is design that does not require mechanical heating or cooling. Homes that are passively designed take advantage of natural climate to maintain thermal comfort. The cost of implementing good design ranges from a net saving through to a significant up-front investment that will be repaid throughout the life of the home and increase its value in the future.

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